On the size, shape and the colours of Organic Free Range Eggs:

The Arch principle governing the production of organic free range eggs is the treatment of the laying chickens. 

  • What age the chicks was exposed to appropriate treatments? (Chicken’s character and behaviour pattern develops very early on and stressful environments breeds either too aggressive or depressed personalities)
  • What were they fed during the first few weeks of their lives? (Internal organs such as brain structures and temperature control develop during the first few weeks of life and inadequate diet will adversely affect chicken’s life and her egg’s taste and smell).
  • Were they subject to natural daily light cycle or subject to artificial cycles? (Unnatural and repetitive light cycle does effect chicken’s metabolism; reducing egg’s trace minerals significantly, reducing its protein contents and increasing its water content).  
  • Were their beaks trimmed? (A trimmed beak is incapable of foraging, shredding vegetables and insects, which reduces the iron content of the egg significantly).
  • Were they fed antibiotics or other medications dealing with high density issues? (Both external and internal parasites as well as microbial infections are almost always present in high density and unnatural light cycle facilities and can only be dealt with by medications, of which a great amount enters the digestive tracks and into the eggs).
  • What surface did they grow up on? (Even though cleaning after chickens living on metal mesh is much easier the net effect of deformed feet and continuous discomfort raises the chicken’s stress hormones and adversely effects eggs).

Since the use of medication as well as all the above techniques are both forbidden and are highly undesirable the only way to keep a healthy commercial production is to: 

  • Use different breeds with different genetics, insurance against total wipe outs, spread of parasites, and microbial diseases.
  • Create a very low density environment (1000 chickens per 10,000 square meters)
  • Use natural light cycle 
  • Do not restrict chicken’s movements and allow them to go in and out of wherever it is they call home

In an organic and truly free range environment different breeds intermingle with one another, come and go as they are pleased, eat or not, lay or not and live happy and content lives.  The eggs of these chickens have different colours and come in all sort of sizes and shapes.  But they all share a taste and a smell that once it is experienced there is no going back.  The truth of the matter is that uniformity in colour; shape and size are only achieved by means of medications, unnatural light cycles, a broad range of other environmental manipulations, feed fortified by growth peptide and hormones as well as digestive enzymes and blood boosting chemicals.